What is Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is the application of computer technology to the analysis and management of large-scale, complex biological data.

Bioinformatics includes:

Bioinformatics may be applied in:

And other fields.

Example Problem

Goal: identify a disease gene

Situation: Gene mapped to a certain region, which is currently being sequenced elsewhere.

Strategy: Retrieve new sequences as they are published and look for known or new genes. Test the found genes for relevance to the disease.


Repeat the following steps every week:

  1. Data retrieval
  2. Identification of known gene(s) by database search
  3. Identification of new gene(s) using gene prediction programs
  4. Storage of results
  5. Experimental examination of the found gene(s)
Note that for steps 2 and 3 you may use existing bioinformatics tools.


Write a computer program to automate steps 1 - 4.

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