Provide a Web interface to the functionality provided by the program. This program receives two nucleotide sequences from the user and checks whether they are complementary.
  1. Create a .html file containing a web form that receives two DNA sequences from the user.
  2. The form should invoke a .cgi script (a modification of the program) that receives the form's input, and outputs a nicely formatted HTML page to the user when the form's submit button is pressed. Nicely formatted means (at least) that the complementary sequences should be displayed as either "preformatted" text (using the <PRE>..</PRE> tags) or as a table.
  3. The modified program should reject sequences containing characters other than ACTG as invalid. Remove apaces and digits from the input before sequence validation.

    NOTE: Your cgi program must have a .cgi extension. It (like the .html file containing the form) must reside in your public_html/cgi-bin directory and they must be readable and executable "by the world".

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