General guidelines

The data files you need for this assignment are located in a directory named /home/guest/ass5. (from your home directory, this can also be accessed as /home/guest/ass5).

These files may also be obtained from here. If you copy them to your own directory, make sure that their lines are not wrapped.

We recommend creating a special directory for result files, so that they will not mix with your programs.

Source files information


You must solve these exercises by using hashes
  1. Based on data from the chr21_genes.txt file, write a program that asks the user to enter a gene symbol and then prints the description for that gene. The program should give an error message if the entered symbol is not found in the table (user should enter the symbol in the right case, upper case).

    HINT: First read the entire text file into a hash that maps the association between gene symbol and description.

  2. Write a program that counts how many genes are in each category (1.1, 1.2, 2.1 etc.). You should assume no prior knowledge about which categories exist in the file. The program should print the results such that categories are arranged in ascending order.

    Note: you will notice that one gene has no category information. That's due to missing data in the file.

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