Programming for Bioinformatics course 81-889
Bar Ilan University Faculty of Medicine

Perl Programming for Bioinformatics and the Internet
81-889, Fall 2014

Instructor: Dr. Avraham Samson
Tutors: Dr. Eli Reuveni, Noa Maatuk

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This course provides an introduction to Perl Programming for Bioinformatics and the Internet. The course starts off from the basics and no prior programming skills are required. The course covers scalar data, array functions, control structures, file I/O (input/output), hashess, sorting, loop control, regular expressions, and CGI programming for the internet. The class meetings comprise frontal lectures, and the coursework includes writing functionl programs. The course is open to graduate students from all faculties.

The course meets on Thursdays at 10:30-11:30 in room 102 of the Faculty of Medicine. The exercise session takes place in the computer class, room 211, at 11:30-13:00.


Date Topic Book Assignment Help files
Thursday 30/10 Introduction Backround   Basic Linux commands
Thursday 6/11 Scalar data & Operators Ch. 1-2 Assignment 1, Assignment 2  
Thursday 13/11 Arrays Ch. 1-2    
Thursday 20/11 Control structures, Functions Ch. 3-4, 7 Assignment 3  
Thursday 27/11 File I/O, basic text processing Ch. 3-4 Assignment 4  
Thursday 4/12 Hashes, Loop controls, Sorting Ch. 3-4 Assignment 5  
Thursday 11/12 Perl modules Ch. 4    
Thursday 18/12 Regular Expressions Ch. 5 Assignment 6  
Thursday 25/4 No Class (Chanuka vacation)
Thursday 1/1 No Class (Asara Betevet)
Thursday 8/1 CGI programming Ch. 19 Assignment 7,Assignment 8  
Thursday 15/1 Graphical representation of data      
Thursday 22/1 References and data structures      
Thursday 29/1 Process management   Final assignment  

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